Enjoyable coffee breaks


Take a moment to get up and relax. Cafe Niirala offers you all the services of a high quality cafe; coffee, tea, soft drinks and, of course, delicious homemade sweet and salted pastries. Our friendly service guarantees you a pleasant coffee break every day, where a delicious taste and a cozy atmosphere are met.

Cafe Niirala

Tasty and versatile home cooking on a daily basis

Tasty food is a matter of heart and we offer our customers honest home cooking. Our versatile lunch service is a satisfying and healthy choice for getting you into the middle of your day or in your everyday life. Our daily lunch includes warm food, bread, salad, soup and potatoes.

If you are going to eat or have coffee with more than 20 people, please let us know by calling in advance so we can prepare to serve you.

Visit our Rajantie 690 for a reputable and homemade café